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Treatments and what to expect

Sports therapy

    • Postural assessment
    • Testing and function assessment of joints and muscles
    • Diagnosis and plan for treatment and rehabilitation
    • Exercise prescription

The treatment may include deep tissue work, joint mobilization, friction of tendons and ligaments, and stretching. We believe in a hands-on approach, as opposed to electrotherapy, so oil or talc will be applied to the skin.

If you have any allergic conditions, please let your therapist know.

Warning: please be aware that on rare occasions some people's hair follicles trap the oil and this may cause irritation leading to an acne like rash. This is not harmful but can be sore, if you are likely to be affected or have any concerns, please let your therapist know. Shaving of the area before and a shower after treatment can help avoid this as well.

After treatment

Deep tissue work and joint mobilization can leave you tender if you are unused to it - it will soon pass within 4 days. Use ice or warmth to ease, and in any case speak to your therapist.

As your treatments progress and biomechanics are altered, there will be a period of stabilization and strengthening. As your body starts to become used to this, there may be some muscle soreness as your body starts to deal with the altered pattern. This is all perfectly normal and is part of building a stronger more balanced body!

You may feel tired, but most patients feel energized afterwards.

You should drink plenty of water to hydrate and aid recovery by eliminating toxins.

Post treatment you should try to keep warm and follow any specific instructions from your therapist.

What to wear
Running shorts / tracksuit and loose t-shirt are ideal.

Lymphatic drainage

A gentle form of massage using talc, encourages the circulation of the lymph, renewing and strengthening cells and tissues, while allowing it to be cleansed as it passes through the lymph nodes.

Treatment is needed once or twice a week. Please drink lots of water to help eliminate toxins. We will also discuss your diet to enhance the effect of your treatment.

What to wear
Bikini or shorts.

Shiatsu massage

An oriental healing treatment that is an effective way to promote health, relaxation and energy balancing. The intensity of this treatment is up to you. Shiatsu is received fully clothed either in a sitting position or lying on a futon mat on the floor. Shiatsu is great for rebalancing, healing and stress relief.

What to wear
Loose fitting clothing.


Hypnotherapy can help you make the changes and get the results you want. Although almost everyone could benefit from some hypnotherapy, most dont need that much!

Cognitive therapy is an active collaboration with a therapist. It uses a unique approach geared to you and designed to understand your needs. It is only offered as a course and is individually assessed by your practitioner.

Natural beauty therapy

The treatment begins with a warm sage footbath, during which you and your therapist discuss your skincare routine and health. This is followed by a foot and leg massage.

Afterwards, you will receive a gentle stretching and mobilization of your neck, head and arms, followed by a steam bath facial cleanse and facemask. Then comes a rhythmical lymphatic stimulation of the neck and shoulders, followed by day time preparation for the skin.


Remove unwanted hair, become streamlined! Arms, legs, back, bikini its your choice. Far better than doing it yourself and with no prickly regrowth also kinder on your sports therapists hands as well!